1/9/2014 Daily Reads: Chris Christie, Bullying, Spurgeon on Membership, and the Tweeting Piper

chris christieNJ Governor Chris Christie and “Bridge-gate” – Christie has been dominating the news cycle – and for good reason. Seems like we the people don’t mind being vindictive in our personal affairs but hate it when those in power (or associated with those in power) do it to others. Reminds me of how we’re apparently all outraged over bullying but seemingly love the bullying culture when it’s on display in reality television (think Simon Cowell and Chef Ramsay). But stopping traffic in Jersey is clearly a cardinal sin. Ezra Klein has chimed in with an eye-opening piece, Chris Christie’s Problem Is That He’s Really, Truly a Bully, that suggests Christie has perhaps cultivated a bullying atmosphere in his administration. This seems to jive well with the now revealed knowledge that Romney passed on Christie as a potential 2012 VP candidate because of some not so delightful details. You can find more on that from this post by Sean Sullivan. By the way, nearly 1/3 of every tweet on Christie this morning was a dig on his weight. So much for the anti-bullies. Kudos to Christie, however, for not pounding the podium all Hillary Clinton like and forcefully say, “What difference does it make?”

A bit dated, but Russell Moore chimed in with his favorite books from 2013, and I was intrigued by the second choice: Flannery O’ Connor: Writing a Theology of Disabled Humanity, Timothy J. Basselin. Will have to check that out, along with his recommendation of Novak’s volume chronicling his shift from the political left to right – as well as the highly acclaimed biography of Kuyper.

Jeremy Walker offers a brief summary of Spurgeon’s expectations for entry to membership, Spurgeon’s standards for conversion and membership. A definite reminder that defining the sheep requires great pastoral care. God help us all!

I love John Piper, controversy and all. I love his passion. I love how he would rather be criticized for saying something than quietly saying nothing. Some of his tweets have even fostered controversy through the years – imagine that. Anyhow, Desiring God compiled Piper’s Top 25 Tweets. My favorites:

9. Christ is glorified in me when people see he is more precious to me than all that life can give or death can take.

19. Jesus is greater than I have ever portrayed him to be.

25. Nothing I suffer will come close to Jesus’ suffering for me. Woe to me for grumbling.

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