2 Kings 1 – You’re Liable to Get Yourself Killed

2 Kings 1 records a brief and fascinating account of the fall of king Ahaziah. He decided to call upon a false god because he thought the God of Israel was dead. You’re liable to get yourself killed with such stupid behavior. Well, Elijah prophesies that Ahaziah will indeed die and Ahaziah proceeds to send a captain and 50 men to summon Elijah – they end up dead as Elijah calls down fire. This manifestation of fire was to vindicate that the God of Israel was indeed alive and well. The firestorm was a roar from heaven in response to the doubting Ahaziah. Does Ahaziah repent? No – he sends another captain with 50 men; and they get roasted as well. Does Ahaziah repent? No – he sends another captain with 50 men. This third captain isn’t willing to suffer a martyr’s death for an obstinate king, so he proceeds to beg for mercy. The angel of the LORD assures Elijah that it’s okay to proceed with this group – they are spared; but not the king.

There will be a future firestorm of sorts, albeit cosmic in scope, which will vindicate the one true God against all the false gods that have ever been called upon throughout history. They will burn like the wood, hay, and stubble they are. Tragically, those who call upon these false gods will suffer the same fate for their rejection of the one true God made manifest in nature. I know it’s not politically correct to say such things, and our sensibilities cringe at the thought God sent down fire TWICE in the mentioned narrative, however the message becomes strikingly clear – we ought to be more sensitive to the God who will not share his glory with another. Nietzsche boasted, “God is dead”. God will have the last say and Nietzsche will wish that God were dead. God is alive and you can’t ignore him away. Don’t call on false gods – you’re liable to get yourself killed.  

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