Abortion and Disability

John Piper’s yearly Sanctity of Life Sunday sermon, “Born Blind for the Glory of God,” contained this powerful quote from The Weekly Standard:

With the development of prenatal genetic diagnosis, the drive toward eugenics has returned with a vengeance. Americans may heartily cheer participants in the Special Olympics, but we abort some 90 percent of all gestating infants diagnosed with genetic disabilities such as Down Syndrome, dwarfism, and spina bifida.

It’s obviously not a new fact, but it’s a contrast that can’t be made often enough.  I saw a little girl with Down Syndrome singing in the children’s choir at church this morning, and I have good friends whose beloved son is a teenager with Down Syndrome.  It’s terrifying to think that in many families, they simply would not have been allowed to be  born.

The article by Wesley Smith that Piper quotes can be found here.

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