Acton University 2012 Recap

Acton Institute was brought to my attention by my friend Nick Smith, who serves as pastor at Nampa United Reformed Church. He attended Acton University in the past and assured me that I would enjoy attending if I was able to work it into my schedule. I started following Acton Institute and their Power Blog and enjoyed the thoughtful integration of Christian faith and theology with the issues of financial markets and liberty. Needless to say, I ended up attending Acton University 2012 (that’s me in the picture I attached from their blog) and was blown away by the rich diversity of 800 people from 70+ countries. Think United Nations, but with actual intellect and moral clarity. I heard many languages spoken while walking through the halls of the DeVoss convention center in Grand Rapids – think Pentecost!

I got to meet some good folks that I have long admired and also met new folks who were simply fascinating to converse with. I met Pentecostals, Catholics, Reformed Kuyperians, Orthodox, Southern Baptists, Presbyterians, and more. I hope to blog a recap of each course I attended, but my time back home has been occupied with some catching up on other things. Thanks to Acton for exceeding expectations! Also, many thanks to the Kern family for their generosity!


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