Adam, Eve, and Creation

Very brief post here. I have been asked my thoughts on the modern debate concerning creation and whether Adam and Even were literal beings who literally sinned in the way the narrative of Genesis records.

First off, I am aware that recent scientific data has led some to suggest that there needed to be at least 10,000 humans in the initial gene pool to account for the diversity we see today. I understand why many smart people would make such an inference. I am not persuaded that this is the case. This would require God creating some 10,000 humans and simply naming Adan and Eve as the Federal representative heads. Not ready to adopt this view because Genesis is silent on this and I don’t think such reconciliation with scientific data is necessary.

Are you a young earther? Well, yes and no. Yes to a young humanity, likely yes to young earth, and perhaps a yes to an old earth. The age of humanity, in my opinion, need not necessarily be tied to the age of the earth. I happen to hold to a literal 6 day creation. I realize that the solar day doesn’t kick in till day 4, but I believe that days 1-3 were nonetheless equivalent to the 24 hour frame that ensued from the sun and moon governance beginning with day 4. I therefore believe that humans have not been on the earth for longer than when Adam and Eve were created. As for the earth, it is possible that it was formless at the beginning of God’s creative work, as explained in Genesis. We are introduced to an earth that is dark with waters hovering all around. It is therefore possible that God created such matter at a time previous to the first day of creation. I don’t hold this firmly but only suggest this as a theory that would not interfere with the Genesis narrative. I don’t believe in a pre-Adamic race. Nor do I believe that matter is eternal. God spoke everything into existence, but day 1 begins with the earth already here.

Adam and Eve were real. Their sin was real. What God spoke to them was real, in the curses and the first promise of a redeemer (Gen 3:15). Their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are as real as we are. Jesus is real. His death and resurrection were real. He really does reign from the Father’s right hand and is coming again to consummate redemption from the very real fall of our first parents. I believe that the tree of life is real and that Jesus is serious when He urges us to persevere so that we might have right to the tree of life. Sure, all of this is packed with symbolic meaning, but only makes sense in very real tangible reality. Just as sure as the fall was real, so shall the new heaven and earth be real. It is no mere allegory, dream, or a state of consciousness.

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