Are Homeschoolers a Threat to their Children and Society?

“The traditional family is the enemy of all political totalitarianisms because it is a bastion of loyalties separate from and prior to the state, which is why progressives are constantly trying to crack its outer shell.” ~ Jonah Golberg (Liberal Fascism, p.377)

“The family is a prime institution of civil society. In its origins, it is both natural and pre-political. Family is not the creature of the state but a network of relationships between a man and a woman, their offspring (if any), and the families from which they themselves come and that their union will create.” ~ Chuck Donovan (Marriage, Parentage, and the Constitution of the Family)

The two opening quotations succinctly summarize my own understanding of the family and its place in society. In Burkean (Edmund Burke) terms, our family is the smallest platoon. In Catholic Social Thought, the family is the first line of loving support within the principles of subsidiarity. As an evangelical Christian, I would say that the family derives its sanction from God in the creation mandate and applies to all of the human race. Family is thus rooted in creation and continues to find validity under God’s common grace. It’s part of the natural order, you can say. Allegiance to your immediate family — and extended family — is the foundation for society.

The attempts to detach these allegiances have always come from those who seek to implement a society that requires allegiances which transcend the familial bond, to make the family subservient — and the individual as well. Our children are not born first and foremost into a family but as subjects to the state — or so the rationale goes from the statists who require total allegiance. Education has been used as a bureaucratic arm for the sake of shaping the mind and mores of our children. Used to be “father knows best” but that’s been replaced by “government knows best” — one that’s bound to technocratic experts and lobbyists. Parents become the village idiots and the elitists pat themselves on the back. Welcome to progress!

When power and money are at stake, it becomes rather convenient to undermine the solidarity of the household under the guise of messianic know-how. For those who demand sanction for what they do in the privacy of their own homes, it’s rather ironic that they insert themselves in the homes of families with threats of compliance to their standards. Licentious sex, daily cocktails of meds (including the abortion pill), and a host of other vices become the standard for what it now means to be a well-rounded member of society. Parents who advocate character formation more than competency to shifting standards, the virtues of chastity, suspicion of behavioral diagnoses, and allegiance to God first, family second, neighbor third, and nation only after these prior allegiances, are obviously suppressing the flourishing of their children with such backwards thinking. I mean, how are they going to learn about condoms and the benefits of yoga?

Homeschooling families just want to be left alone. Liberal fascists just can’t leave anyone alone. Whether it’s what we drive, what we eat, what we drink, how we run our businesses, how we build our homes, what we pay in taxes, and how we raise our children, they must have a say. Their sense of power and purpose are predicated on implementing their vision against all dissent — all in the name of the greater good. Their greater good.

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