Beware of Hyper-Complementarianism

There is a conservative approach to marriage that puts a great deal of stress on traditional gender roles. It says that the basic problem in marriage is that both husband and wife need to submit to their God-given functions, which are that husbands need to be the head of the family, and wives need to submit to their husbands. There is a lot of emphasis on the differences between men and women. The problem is that an overemphasis could encourage selfishness, especially on the part of the husband.

Keller, Timothy (2011-11-01). The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God (p. 58). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition.

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One comment on “Beware of Hyper-Complementarianism
  1. I appreciate this quote from Dr. Keller’s book. Hyper-complementarianism is a concern of mine in the church. I believe when we react to a deceptive distortion ( i.e. egalitarianism) of any biblical issue, we unwittingly create an alternative distortion of Scripture (hyper-complementarianism).. Only when we approach a biblical issue with God’s reasonable wisdom, looking at all the emphases, or lack thereof, on a particular subject, do we gain God’s wise balanced perspective. Sometimes we Christians are too quick to latch onto a viewpoint, for various reasons. I pray that wisdom prevails in the churches that struggle with this. Thank you for choosing this quote for your site.

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