Book Notes from Herman Ridderbos’ “The Coming of the Kingdom”; The Harmonizing of the Superhuman “Son of Man” and Messianic “Son of David” in Jesus

Jesus is both, the particular Messiah for Israel and the universal king of the nations. The idea of “kingdom of God” encapsulates both of these ideas without absolving one into the other. Ridderbos explains as follows:

This makes it clear that both the so-called ‘prophetic’ and the ‘apocalyptic’ expectations of the Messiah go together in Jesus’ preaching. The Son of Man is none other than the Messiah, the Son of David. But, conversely, the Son of David is the Son of Man, he who has been invested with divine and universal authority. And the relation between Israel and the Messiah must be judged and understood in this light (p. 36).

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