Book Review of Douglas Wilson’s “Reforming Marriage”

There are too many books on marriage – which attests to the mysterious nature of marriage and the perpetual need to improve it. The best thoughts of the thousands of folks who have embarked on marriage books only seem to add to an ever-growing list of things to do to improve one’s marriage, while leaving the reader momentarily zealous to employ the newly acquired insight before once again becoming discouraged and visiting the bookstore for yet another book.

I am about to make a bold claim about Wilson’s “Reforming Marriage”. This is the first and hopefully last book you buy on marriage. Well, okay, I might be overstating things a bit, but I would say that this book easily qualifies for the top 10 list for books on marriage. I would love to provide a bunch of excerpts that I found very helpful, but I would instead encourage you to go get the book yourself. BTW, I am not receiving any commission for plugging this book.

You will not find the thoughts of this book novel and innovative, which is partly why I love it. It is simple and wise Bible-saturated insight into marriage. Actually, some of the wisdom given may seem new and novel because it has simply been neglected in the church for the last generation. We have mad more books on love languages, how to spice up one’s sex life, and so on and so on, while divorce rates have increased. Husbands and wives have largely ignored Biblical masculinity and femininity in favor of radical egalitarianism which simply tells people to be nice to each other. Be warned, if you don’t think the Bible calls husbands to be MEN and wives to be WOMEN, you will hate this book and think Wilson and myself to be chauvinistic archaic males.

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