Brian Douglas on Abortion as the New Slavery

Brian Douglas, a pastor at All Saints Presbyterian Church in Boise, ID, penned an insightful article for Christian Renewal, connecting the slave trade with abortion, calling for a new abolition. Here’s an excerpt:

Abortion has become the new slavery of our day, and the unborn are the new slaves: they have been subjected and dehumanized by the same arguments once used by plantation owners. Pro-abortion activists argue that women have a right to do with their own bodies as they please regardless of how their choices might affect others; plantation owners once said the same thing about their slaves. Slave masters once justified their practices by appealing to the supposedly inferior physical and mental attributes of their slaves; now abortion advocates say the unborn are better off dead than enduring an inferior physical appearance or mental ability. Both slavery and abortion advocates have argued that economic issues support their practices, but the facts of economics are to the contrary.

Strangely, the very people who are most zealous for equality between the races often advocate the subjection and dehumanization of the unborn. They must come to understand the inconsistency of those two positions: either all persons have an inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness regardless of race or stage of development, or that right belongs only to those who exercise power over another. The former position is the very principle on which this country was founded, and Benjamin Rush sacrificed much to defend it; the latter is the very kind of tyranny the Declaration of Independence condemned.

If abortion is the new slavery, then a new abolition is needed to oppose it. Benjamin Rush boldly led the way more than two hundred years ago, and more people like him are needed today. People throughout history—especially American history—have given their lives and everything they own to fight this very kind of injustice. Who will oppose this new oppression and write a new Declaration and Emancipation Proclamation?

via Tu Rex gloriae, Christe: A New Slavery.

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