Calvinism in the City

wpid-johncalvin_full.jpgMark Tooley, a Methodist, bemoans the lack of influential Wesleyan churches in metro centers (via “New Calvinism,” New York Times & John Wesley the Reader), even noting that the small number of influential Wesleyan churches tend to be in the burbs and actually downplay their Wesleyan roots in favor of a more generic theological orientation. The ongoing fascination with Calvinism’s success was recently noted in Time. Here are some of Tooley’s comments from his post:

Many of Washington’s great churches are Calvinist inclined. Many of the exceptional new church plants that attract lots of young people are Calvinist or Calvinist influenced. I can readily think of only one major church in the city successful with young people that is decidedly not Calvinist. (Even the thriving Anglican churches are Reformed influenced.) It is affiliated with, although not widely advertised as, the Assemblies of God. Presumably it has Wesleyan roots, whether emphasized or not. I suspect not.

Although historically having more adherents, it’s hard to think of prominent Wesleyan/Methodist congregations that are very influential in Americas’s cities and vigorously espousing Wesleyan distinctives.


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