Daniel Wallace on Millennial Hermeneutics and Progressive Revelation


“Certain assumptions made by premillennialists and amillennialists about eschatology in the NT may well be wrong-headed. Specifically, both sides tend to flatten out eschatology so that the whole can be seen in any part. Premillennialists tend to see a time-bound earthly kingdom in the OT where none exists; amillennialists tend to interpret the Apocalypse only in the light of previous revelation, rather than allowing that book to govern and guide all earlier interpretation.”

Daniel Wallace, one of the most respected Biblical scholars, offers up plenty of hermeneutical correctives to premillennialists and amillennialists, alike, in this brief post (the quote above is just the introduction) that I recommend for your perusal: https://bible.org/article/new-testament-eschatology-light-progressive-revelation

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