Did the Sexual Revolution Liberate Women?

Pastor Bill Farley offers a very brief review and recommendation for Girls Uncovered, which cites the damage of the sexual revolution upon women as disproportionately more damaging than men. Here’s one of the quotes Farley gives from the book:

The bottom line is that the sexual revolution has freed men and enslaved women. Here are some quotes.“When it comes to the negative consequences of sexual activity, girls easily get the worst of it. Most of the cancer from HPV [human papiloma virus] occurs in women, and all of the long-term effects of pelvic inflammatory disease PID, such as infertility and pelvic pain, occur in women. When a boy gets a girl pregnant, he doesn’t carry the baby for nine months—she does. And she is usually the one who takes care of the baby once it is born. Girls also seem to suffer more depression than boys do after sexual relationships are broken.”

We are definitely in a crisis where women are increasingly objectified as mere pleasure creators for males. While there are valid sexual needs that God intends to be met through the mutual love found in a marital relationship, the so-called liberated shortcut route offered in the sexual revolution was falsely advertised as “free” – It is anything but free. I’m grateful for Pastor Farley, our correspondence, and the mutual conviction that the church needs to intentionally and unashamedly promote Godly sexuality. If it’s legalistic to advocate Biblical teaching on sexuality and modesty, then the church will simply surrender to the prevailing winds under the guise of agape – and I call it a sloppy agape that sides with the world over the Word. God help us.

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One comment on “Did the Sexual Revolution Liberate Women?
  1. The effects are far more reaching than simply damaging women with disease and depression: it’s left even evangelical Christianity with a lingering, overwhelming hatred of the “burden” of children. Ask anyone in the church who’s had more than 2-4 children of the sense of alienation and marginalization that they feel. The current vasectomy culture and the convenience of easily bypassing children that would be “inconvenient” past certain “responsible” numbers is standard fare for the church today, and that same satanic mindset stems directly from that same damaging revolution as well…

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