Families or Units?

 responds to Laurie Shrage, who advocates the end of traditional marriage as we know it. Hilton’s full article is linked at the end and she provides some helpful statistics that confirm the value of the institution of marriage and family to the social fabric of a flourishing society. Here’s an excerpt:

Ms. Shrage’s article is but a small glimpse of a much larger problem: the dehumanization of human beings at every stage of life. If abortion is okay at 12 weeks, why not at 24? Why not just before birth? If a person is no longer “useful” to society, why keep them around as a burden to the health-care system and “caregiving units”? A woman shouldn’t have to be “systematically disadvantaged” because of those little “units” running around the house. Divorce sexuality from reproduction, divorce marriage from society, divorce children from parents, divorce caregiving from love and service: you have a world where people no longer matter. They are units, useful or not, to be determined on an ad hoc basis. A husband is a wife is a lover is a live-in boyfriend is a mistress is an infant is a unit.Marriage between one man and one woman is the most likely way to provide economic stability, a safe and wholesome way to raise children, an atmosphere of love and service for multiple generations, and a sound basis for civil society. I have not been systematically disadvantaged because of my children. I have been enriched, blessed, magnified and enhanced. My husband and children are not “units” I have to contend with and work around so that I can compete for a better job or gain sound economic footing. Ms. Shrage’s idea of the “end of marriage” sounds more like the end of cherishing human life and the beginning of an assemblage of units – nothing more than things that are shuffled about, utilitarian and replaceable.

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