Greg Forster’s “Theology that Works” — A Blending of Stewardship and Economics as Oikonomia

I’m excited to see that Forster’s new work is now available — and for free if you want to download the pdf format! Forster is the program director for Faith, Work, and Economics with The Kern Family Foundation. As a matter of disclosure, I’ve received a Kern Fellowship to the Acton University  2012 and benefited from lectures and round-table discussions concerning stewardship, economics, and how it all works together in all of life for God’s glory.

Forster explains part of his motivation for the work:

In most churches today, stewardship only means giving and volunteering at church. But in both scripture and historic Christian theology, we find a concept of stewardship that encompasses our whole lives. Stewardship is primarily about who we are, not what we do, and how we cultivate the world in all our activities. Whatever you do, Paul says in Colossians 3:23-24, work heartily, because whatever you do, you are serving the Lord Christ! Our individual discipleship, our church communities, our participation in homes and workplaces, and our witness to society at large must recover a holistic theology of stewardship and calling. We must reintegrate our model of discipleship with the call to cultivate the world.


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