Gun Control: To What End?

If Obama were to get everything he wants and another tragic mass shooting occurs, what would gun control advocates be asking for then?

Would they throw their hands in the air and say that they at least tried, or would they then advocate even tougher sanctions on guns? Perhaps limiting gun rights to one gun per person with only a single discharge?

I admit that Alex Jones’ tirade only confirmed in the minds of some that most gun owners are a bunch of zealots who love their guns more than people, which, by the way, is hardly the case with all the gun owners I personally know. Most of the gun owners that I speak with are more concerned about the ideological rhetoric from the left that suggests the end game is the eventual disarming of the citizenry. Call them crazy if you must, but every mass shooting is used as yet another opportunity to chip away, or in the lexicon of gun owners, “infringe” their constitutional rights.

Granting that we are likely to see more tragic violence through mass shootings, how far will the left go after each successive shooting?

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