Highest Read Post of the Year Continues to Prompt Dialogue on Abortion, Orphans, Crack Babies, and more

Well 2009 comes to an end and the most read blog entry of the year was posted by my wife back in February. It is titled

Ashley Judd, get a clue, and a “real heart”.

It continues to prompt discussion, as recent as today with the following comment and my own response:

musicaldawn, on December 22nd, 2009 at 3:32 pm Said: Edit Comment

so what about the meth addicted prostitute who gets pregnant and continues to abuse drugs and her own body and when her baby is born deformed she leaves it at the hospital or at a local church b/c all she can think about is her next fix? What about that child where will it end up in this world in a foster home where it will be looked at as a check, or in the hands of an understaffed orphanage where the child is neglected and unable to recieve appropriate medical attention, would that be a life you would choose.

Rick Hogaboam, on December 22nd, 2009 at 4:07 pm Said: Edit Comment

You bring up a gut-wrenching situation that does take place more often that any of us would like.

We are both agreed in wanting the child to have better circumstances surrounding their entry into this world, but that alone does not justify killing the child. Such thinking leads to a slippery slope where society will then justify killing both babies and children and adults in the name of prosperity for the ruling class. Rather than find solutions for problems, it seems much easier to dig a ditch instead. Societies that have not valued life have acted in such ways before. It wasn’t too long ago when people were supporting abortion for interracial children. To this day Planned Parenthood will earmark your donation to abort a child from the ethnic class of your choice.

The very fact that you anguish for the child shows that you don’t view them as a glob of cells like some zit on the face, I commend you for that. What I take from your comments to improve the foster care system and orphanages. By the way, I know folks who have adopted children from foster care and don’t view them as a check, although I concur with your concerns that some may in fact bring in children for monetary gain, which I would denounce. As for orphanages, to the best of my recollection, it has been the Church alone who administered benevolence to orphans from the inception of the concept of an orphanage. While they might not be on par with your expectations, thank God that some compassionate people rose up and said that they would dedicate their efforts and resources to the loving care of parent-less children.

I support the inherent value of all human-life, even the unwanted crack baby. I pray that more people would want to administer loving care and acceptance of such children rather than wishing them dead, or using this scenario as a justification for abortion on demand, where the large majority of the scenarios hardly represent the scenario you raise.

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