How should Christians respond to recent legal defeats of marriage laws, pagan culture?

Recent legal defeats overruling state law that define marriage between one man and one woman is certainly discouraging to one who believes in State’s rights, regardless of ones views on marriage, but most certainly disappointing to those who believe that this is a war on Judeo-Christian values. I do believe the Supreme Court will need to chime in as they did allow State authority on the matter in the otherwise gutting of DOMA. Let me be clear, I hope the SCOTUS upholds State law in this matter.

BUT, I’m afraid the legal fight for marriage is over. We need to sit and wait for the SCOTUS to chime in, and even if State laws are upheld, it will essentially be irrelevant as the IRS is already going to recognize joint filings from residents in States that don’t recognize marriage as such. The recent defeat in KY, UT, and other States is simply the downstream current from 1970 in California with no-fault divorce, ironically under conservative icon
Ronal Reagan. No-fault divorce was already a departure from biblical standards. I would even argue that it is a violation of contract rights since it allowed one party of the contract to dissolve his/her obligations against the desire of the other party. You don’t even need the Bible to arrive at the conviction that breaking your vows in a contract is wrong.

Regardless of what happens, the culture has shifted, and is increasingly more pagan. Ironically, even the pagans in past cultures didn’t want legal sanction for their adulterous affairs and same-sex liaisons. This soft bigotry had the decency, even when applied to self, to at least hide such behavior in the temples and sex clubs, rather than claim such activity as virtuous among adoring throbs for “coming out of the closet.” Pagans in the past would even prefer it be kept in the closet. They at least, even if hypocritical, aspired to domestic life that involved a “legitimate” spouse for “legitimate” procreation. What we’re facing today is unprecedented.

Rather than invest ourselves in the legal and cultural war for marriage, we need to take our cues from the early church, which was preoccupied more with sanctification in their own marriages and transforming power of the Gospel for those households that were converted. The culture was transformed by this authentic adherence to household codes of the day. Temple prostitutes and adultery were now forbidden. And pornography as well.

Christian, invest your energies in fighting for your own marriage and the endangered marriages of friends and family. Keep the marriage bed pure and undefiled. Fight against the pornographic presence that seeks to destroy your family. If the statistics are correct, many men struggle with addiction to pornography. I’m more concerned about the enemy in our own camp than outside pagans acting like pagans. May your marriages faithfully display the gospel. We’re scattered exiles – and it’s all good. Stay calm, marry, have children, and marry off your children – all to the glory of God and for the good of the city.


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