J.C. Ryle on Satan’s Slaves and the Hope of Deliverance

These things are fearful to think upon. Fearful is it to see to what a wreck of body and mind Satan often brings young people! Fearful is it to observe how he often drives them out of the reach of all good influence, and buries them in a wilderness of bad companions and loathsome sins! Fearful, above all, is it to reflect that yet a little while Satan’s slaves will be lost forever, and in hell! There often remains only one thing that can be done for them. They can be named before Christ in prayer. He that came to the country of the Gadarenes, and healed the miserable demoniac there, still lives in heaven, and pities sinners. The worst slave of Satan in England is not beyond a remedy. Jesus may yet take compassion on him, and set him free.

© 2012, Rick Hogaboam. All rights reserved.

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