Jack Hayford on Incarnation

From “Divine Visitor”:

Doubters may make us nothing more than an advanced collection of cells in constant chemical transition. Some will say we are but temporary objects destined for survival of the fittest at best, and headed for pointless extinction at worst. In such an atmosphere, a voice shouts, “How dare you propose ‘divine intent!’ After all, we, whose backaches testify to our animal descent, barely able to stand upright, while occupying an insignificant planet in sprawling space, and twirling around a mediocre star—how presumptuous to claim significance, being nothing more than mere products evolving from mud and slime.” “Best admit, ” the scoffer insists, “your role is to simply survive on this twisting rock, wandering through a galaxy that is but one among billions, spinning randomly through a measureless cosmos.” But a stark rebuttal to this human doubt and scoffing and sometimes religious pretension at humility appears in our text. Man’s worth and destiny are asserted in God’s Word. At the heart of God’s purpose in providing man’s redemption is this lofty truth:He has a cosmic intention in man’s creation, and His coming to visit man is key to that intent being realized.

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  1. I found you searching “jack hayford n. t. wright”. Can you point me to some resource where Jack responds to or critiques NTW? I’m in dialog with a Messianic Foursquare, trying to open him to this massive event right in his back yard. I actually have him starting “How God Became King”. I’m not sure that was the best starting point, but it is what I’m am presently devouring. You probably already sense what this engagement looks like; any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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