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Jack Hayford has a wonderful post on speaking in tongues that is valuable as a corrective for his own Pentecostal/Charismatic community, as well as helpful in clarifying some misconceptions that are often perpetuated by those who object to the ongoing validity of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the fullness of gifts listed in 1 Cor. 12 Here’s an excerpt (full article linked below):

Truly Charismatic

To open to the beauty of spiritual language does not require you to become a wild-eyed fanatic, a rigid proponent of faith, a drone preoccupied with health or wealth, or a giddy dupe running from one televised service to another.

Charismatic isn’t a stereotyped lifestyle managed by a pop theology or a manipulative leader. It’s a biblical, Christ-centered, sensible, hope- filled, happy, trusting application of God’s promises for today. To be truly charismatic is to enter a dimension of Christian living available to people who sin, fail and suffer, yet seek God’s holiness, depend on His grace and believe for His presence and power in the middle of their tough times.

Speaking in tongues–or any other spiritual gift–is not unbiblical or outmoded, not a status symbol or a substitute for spiritual growth. Above all, spiritual language is not divisive. When the beauty of this exercise is scriptually understood and wisely employed, it is a pathway of blessing for the entire body of Christ.

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