Jesus and the Victory of God Book Notes – “The Overlapping and Distinct Prophetic Praxis of Jesus”

“Already, therefore, we find Jesus deliberately adopting a praxis which can function in our investigation as the way in to the discovery of his mindset, his own variant on the worldview of those around him. He was combining in a new way the prophetic styles of oracular prophets on the one hand and leaders of renewal movements on the other. John had combined them already, but not like this. Jesus went further in at least three directions: he was itinerant; he gave extensive teaching which, as we shall see, carried a note of even greater urgency than that of John; and he engaged in a regular programme of healing. We must look at each of these in turn as we fill in this initial prophetic portrait. At each point the double criteria of similarity and dissimilarity can be invoked. This outline of Jesus’ praxis is thoroughly credible within a first-century Jewish context, and makes good sense as part of the presupposition of the early church; at the same time, this praxis breaks the moulds of the Jewish context, and is, in detail, significantly unlike the characteristic activity of most of the early Christians. Mozart’s music is incredible without Bach and Haydn as its predecessors, yet it is strikingly different from both; it is the necessary presupposition for Beethoven and Schubert, yet is still gloriously distinct. Jesus’ prophetic work makes historical sense, yet remains in a class of its own.” via the Logos Bible Android app.

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