Jim Hamilton on his First Pastorate, Pride, Prayer, and Preaching

Jim Hamilton’s recent post, What I Learned in My First Pastorate | For His Renown, was refreshingly candid and encouraging. He warns against a prideful “know-it-all” approach to pastoral ministry (even if you know it all). Here is a brief excerpt of his summarizing thoughts:

That church didn’t grow because of me. That church grew because Jesus kept His promise, because the Word of God is powerful and because we were all learning to love each other the way Jesus loved us. In spite of our insignificance, the moldy building in the bad part of town, the mediocre music and the non-flashy sermons that sought to explain the Bible, the Lord was adding to our number daily. “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to thy name give glory, because of thy lovingkindness, because of thy truth” (Ps 115:1).


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