John Owen on Romans 1:31, “without natural affection,” abortion

john owenJohn Owen (Works of John Owen, Volume 13, page 186) mentions how Romans destroyed “their own children from the womb” as an evidence of lacking “natural affection”:

Paul tells us of the old Gentiles that they were “without natural affection” (Rom 1:31). That which he aims at is that barbarous custom among the Romans, who ofttimes, to spare the trouble in the education of their children and to be at liberty to satisfy their lusts, destroyed their own children from the womb, so far did the strength of sin prevail to obliterate the law of nature and to repel the force and power of it. Examples of this nature are common in all nations—amongst ourselves—of women murdering their own children through the deceitful reasoning of sin. And herein sin turns the strong current of nature, darkens all the light of God in the soul, controls all natural principles [that are] influenced with the power of the command and will of God. Yet this evil hath, through the efficacy of sin, received a fearful aggravation. Men have not only slain but cruelly sacrificed their children to satisfy their lusts.

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