Judge Napolitanpo at Acton University 2014

judge napJudge Napolitano is a boss. I’ve had him for two lectures today. But his lecture titled “Freedom of Conscience and the Constitution” provided some pointed nuggets during the Q&A session. Some of the tidbits:

  • Said that Clarence Thomas is by far the best justice, that he reviews every case through the prism of natural law.
  • Abortion is tragic, Roe v Wade was terrible, and that the current trend of the SCOTUS giving lots of latitude to State’s legislation restricting it is a good thing. Laments that W. Bush and the GOP-controlled senate and house should have passed person-hood legislation.
  • Not allowed to endorse but views Rand Paul as the best GOP option.
  • Supports a Constitutional Convention.
  • Views Wickard v. Filburn as one of the worst SCOTUS decisions.
  • The lust for power corrupts many once in power.
  • Scathing criticism of both parties, “Republicans believe in corporate welfare, Democrats believe in personal welfare. They both believe in warfare. We have a one-party system that seeks to dominate through power.”

There is much, much more, but these are just a handful of some things Nap shared.

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