Luke 23:26-31 Sermon Discussion Questions

Luke 23:26-31 Discussion Questions

  1. What has Jesus gone through that would make it nearly impossible for him to carry a hundred-pound cross?
  2. I said that all of these events are part of the hour of darkness Jesus is enduring on our behalf — why is this all necessary?
  3. In what ways is the Father turning His face away from the Son in these experiences?
  4. Why is Jesus not interested in being wept over? How does he direct the weeping of the women?
  5. What lessons are there for us from the prophetic warning he gave concerning the fate of Jerusalem?
  6. What does Jesus weep over in Luke 19:41-44?
  7. Why is it easy for us to lose a “weeping” concern for the lost?
  8. How can we weep for our unbelieving friends, family, and neighbors — while at the same time develop friendships filled with laughter, kindness, and rich conversation?
  9. Explain how Jesus’ exile spares us from our own permanent exile:

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