Mark Dever’s 2 Suggestions on How to Pastor for the Long Haul


If you agree with me that longevity is normally better than quick, short pastorates, how do you bring it about? Here are two simple ideas that I’ve found useful, both of which relate to the pastor’s rest.

1) Regularly take sabbaticals in which your congregation gives you weeks (or months!) off for rest, relaxation, reading, and perhaps writing.

2) Raise up other men in your congregation to teach and preach. Work on creating a textured leadership that is not dependent on you, so that new workers are constantly identified and raised up and other voices bless the congregation. This brings in some of the freshness that may often be associated with a new pastor; and it makes it possible for you to share the teaching load, which will help you to bear your part longer.

via eJournal : Staying for the Glory of God: The Sibbes, Simeon and Stott Model | 9Marks.

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