Matthias, Circle of the 12, and the True Israel Wrought by the Spirit

…the gift of the Spirit is the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham and establishes the restored Israel. This is indicated by the language of “promise” in connection with the gift of the Spirit (Luke 24:49; Acts i:4; 2:33, 39); by Luke’s distinctive account of the election of Matthias (Acts 1:15-26), which restores the circle of the Twelve and symbolically expresses that Israel receives this gift; and by the depiction of the first community of believers in terms that evoke an Israel according to the spirit (Acts 2:41-47; 4:32-37).

Luke Timothy Johnson. Prophetic Jesus, Prophetic Church: The Challenge of Luke-Acts to Contemporary Christians (Kindle Locations 907-910). Kindle Edition.

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