Mr. Obama, "Why is reducing the number of abortions a good thing?"

Senator Barack Obama stated at the Saddleback Forum that he would work to reduce the number of abortions. I was hoping that Pastor Rick Warren would follow up by asking a question I have long wanted interviewers to ask, “Why is reducing the number of abortions a good thing?”. I admit that it is a gotcha question of sorts. If they admit in any sense that reducing abortion is a ‘good’ thing, then one is inherently acknowledging that there is something about abortion that is wrong. I would then follow up by asking, “What’s wrong with abortion?”. This puts the “pro-choice” candidate in a difficult predicament…one in which makes it evidently clear that there is a huge moral inconsistency with taking the co-existent positions of: abortion is a women’s right to do with her body as she wishes AND limiting abortion is a good thing because abortion is a bad thing.

Being pro-life as I am and knowing that Roe V. Wade is fixed law, I do support a reduction in the number of abortions. That is why I have sent money to clinics that seek to encourage a prospective mother into keeping the baby. I do this because abortion is indeed wrong and I can state as much. I would also state that while Roe V. Wade is fixed law, I believe that the court was wrong and pray for its reversal. I believe that human rights begin with the issue protecting our young and most vulnerable among us. Human rights issues presume the existence of life and therefore I believe the abortion issue is a foundation for all other discussion.

Again, I ask Senator Obama, “Why is reducing the number of abortions a ‘good’ thing?”. The emphasis is on ‘good’. I would answer by stating that abortion is a “bad” thing. What is Obama’s answer? Hopefully we’ll find out at one of the debates. Stay tuned.

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  1. Well…
    I like the IDEA of confronting O’Bama with such a straightforward question, but I don’t think that it would work. Did you HEAR that sleaze-ball during that Q&A? He was one micrometer away from saying he didn’t like Justice Clarence Thomas because he was not “experienced.” HE WAS SO CLOSE!!! O’Bama is just too much of a snake to answer such a question with “specificity,” because it might just be above his pay grade.

  2. Thanks for writing about the forum, Rick. My company was broadcasting the event and once we were set up, I was able to go inside and watch!

    All politics aside, it was a powerful moment when Pastor Rick had the two candidates on stage and the three brothers in Christ all embraced. I will never forget that!

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