“no other integrating center apart from the first love”

From The Preacher’s Commentary Series, Volume 35: 1, 2 & 3 John / Revelation:

“Had the Ephesian Christians outgrown in their own thinking their need for God’s grace? Perhaps in their view they had gone on beyond such a primitive bedrock fact as the agapē love of God, and in their “progress” they had moved on toward “deeper” theological truth. In this way the love of God had become for the Ephesians a theoretical starting fact, one of the sentences on the menu, but not the very daily bread by which they were even alive in the first place and through which they would continue to stay alive. This was a spiritual illness that haunted Ephesus, and until this letter arrived, it was an illness of which they were probably unaware. It was not only a spiritual but also a theological crisis for Ephesus, because if they had left the agapē love behind, it meant that some other fact or doctrinal truth for them would then have been integrating and motivating their theological existence. But there was no other integrating center apart from the first love, which theologically could only refer to the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.”

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