Obamacare Incompetence, Get Used To It

Some Dems are actually blaming the private sector for the Obamacare rollout catastrophe. Thing is that a private sector business that had 3 years and nearly a billion dollars to create a functional website would be out of business for such incompetence. The profit motive in the private sector, though vilified, requires competence to meet the needs of consumers, thus creating a win-win scenario in the free market. Such failures in the the private sector would involve firing folks, but only in the Govt can one simply throw more people and money at the problem, while at the same time coercing folks through legislation to purchase such goods. What you get is a lose-lose. It’s no longer a voluntary exchange where the supplier must meet the needs of consumers, but an involuntary exchange where consumers have no recourse but to sit and wait. 

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