P. Andrew Sandlin on Pope Francis, Christian-Catholic Cobelligerence, and Cultural Witness

For there to be a huge union, there must be huge changes.  Papering over differences under the guise of Christian charity is a slap in the face to doctrinal orthodoxies on either side.But doctrinal orthodoxies do not forbid cultural orthodoxies — nay, they produce them — and those cultural orthodoxies in turn generate cultural ecumenism. Which is to say, we Protestants stand as cobelligerents with Francis and his cohorts in championing a culture of life and against aborticide and euthanasia and cloning and human egg harvesting, a culture of the family and against homosexuality and all other extramarital sexual license, and a culture of liberty and against political tyranny.  You cannot stand for truth in culture without standing against evil in culture.  And in standing for truth and against evil, we orthodox Protestants stand shoulder to shoulder with orthodox Roman Catholics in the culture wars.

via Sectarian Culture Warriors Trump Ecumenical Culture Wimps | P. Andrew Sandlin.

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