Parenting Advice for Type A Parents Raising Type B Children (and vice-versa)

SUE SHELLENBARGER, over at the Wall Street Journal, has a helpful article on the challenges parents face when raising a kid with a different personality titled “Parenting Advice for Type A Parents Raising Type B Children –” that makes some helpful observations. I don’t know what personality type I am (have been told A & B). I think our kids are blended as well. Their drive is pretty strong, but there are times I feel that I am not patient enough with them. My wife does a tremendous job with them as she is the primary teacher (we homeschool). I also think that homeschooling is better for better accommodating the diversity in our children. The one size fits all model of public education generally fails to distinguish between the unique characteristics of each child in the classroom. Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

When parents and children are temperamental opposites, the results can be explosive. Type A parents, driven by nature, often have to ease up on Type B kids, who are more dreamy and mellow. When the pattern is reversed, relaxed Type B parents often feel outpaced by revved-up Type A offspring. These matchups can cause conflict beyond the normal parenting challenges, and solutions may require parents to adjust expectations and tactics.


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