Pastors Need an Off-season

Earl Weaver once said: “A manager wins games in December. He tries not to lose them in July. You win pennants in the offseason when you build your team. . . . Smart managing is dumb. The three-run homers you trade for in December will always beat brains. . . . I don’t welcome any ‘challenge.’ I’d rather have nine guys named Robinson.”

As a pastor, I have often felt the need for an off-season, a time to reflect on the past year and what needs to change for the upcoming year. Pastoral ministry can be detached from such analysis in the daily grind, where keeping up to keep up seems to be the rule of the game. Whether it’s a brief sabbatical or a break from the pulpit now and then, some time off allows for re-calibration. I’ve seen the hardest working pastors become the less effective over time. Those pastors who are aware of what they are good at doing and leverage their gifts for maximal fruit tend to have the greatest longevity and fruitfulness.

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