Prayer for Racial Reconciliation

Father in heaven, we praise and thank you for your wonderful gift of life, as we acknowledge you, the one Creator and Father of all human life. We thank you for the beautiful diversity with which you have blessed us, with such a multitude of talents and gifts.

We do confess, Father, that we have sinned against you in our unwillingness to come together as one body in Jesus Christ. We ask you to forgive us our sins of prejudice and racism, which have denied your blessed name before the world, hindered the purpose of the church, and deeply hurt our brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is only with your strength that we can be the community of believers you would have us be. Blessed Holy Spirit, empower us to commit ourselves to reconciliation and harmony with other believers, that the word of peace and reconciliation through Christ can spread. Grand that we will be living witnesses to the love and peace which make all people one in Christ Jesus our Lord. May the mind of Christ truly be in us that we may live and walk in his peace, holding one another in his love, and modeling his commitment to unity.

We ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Head of his body the Church. Amen.

This prayer is found in the Spirit-Filled Life Study Guide – Race and Reconciliation

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