Q&A on Abortion with Idaho State Representative Brent Crane (District 13)

brent_in_lights-936x320Rep. Brent Crane was kind enough to answer a few questions about engaging the issue of abortion. You can also find out more information about him and his legislative career at his site here. I’ve admired Rep. Crane since we moved to Nampa, ID back in 2008. He was my representative before recent redistricting and we’ve been able to grow our friendship through periodic chats over coffee.

1. At the very minimum, how do you think should a legislator should engage the issue of abortion?

I think that the State has a compelling interest in protecting life. Therefore, it is my belief that legislators should actively engage in protecting the unborn.


2. How have you personally engaged the issue of abortion in the course of your legislative career?

I have personally carried several anti-abortion bills. Idaho has a pro-life legislature. I think all of the bills I have personally carried or co-sponsored, have become law. I have attended Pro-Life rallies and advocated on behalf of the unborn.


3. What have you learned along the way?

The Pro-Life issue is the only issue that I have worked on that I could really feel the power of the forces of evil. For some reason this issue is one where you can feel the darkness and evil when you work to protect the unborn. I felt there was a lot of deception surrounding Obamacare and the State Health Insurance Exchange, and we have not had a pro-gay marriage bill up for consideration yet, but I imagine that the same evil and darkness would also surround the gay marriage issue. I have never felt depression or darkness like I did when I carried the fetal pain bill. A colleague of mine commented that in her career, whenever she worked on a Pro-Life issue, she could always feel darkness around the issue. I would totally agree with her. I have said on many occasions that I can work any other bill with no problem, but when I work on a Pro-Life bill I can feel spiritual warfare taking place. That is just one of the many reasons that we need the church to lift their leaders up in prayer daily.

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