Q&A with Douglas Wilson on Abortion

collision-christopher-hitchens-vs-douglas-wilson-posterPastor Douglas Wilson from Christ Church, Moscow, ID, was gracious enough to briefly interact in response to several questions I posed about abortion. Here it goes:

1. At the very minimum, how should a pastor engage the issue of abortion?

At a minimum, everyone in the congregation should know that the pastor is pro-life, and that he is pro-life because of the teaching of Scripture. They should know this because he preaches periodically on the subject, and he should make passing references to the sin of abortion in his other sermons.

2. How have you personally engaged the issue of abortion in the course of your pastoral ministry?

I have preached on it before, as above, I was arrested in one rescue operation in Spokane years ago, and my wife and I started what is now the local CareNet center.

3. What have you learned along the way?

One of the things I have learned is that the rescue thing was tactically misguided, for various reasons, but it was still helpful to live out for the congregation what the levels of dedication should be.

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