Rejecting the Spirit’s Witness Leads to Severing

This is from the Kindle version of Prophetic Jesus, Prophetic Church: The Challenge of Luke-Acts to Contemporary Christians by Luke Timothy Johnson:

Luke therefore shows in the Jerusalem portion of his story that God’s fidelity trumps even the infidelity of the people; that the first rejection of Jesus was forgiven because it was based on ignorance; that a second and more powerful offer of salvation was made through the spirit-filled emissaries of the prophet whom God raised up; and that only the rejection of this second offer led to a severing from the people God was forming. Despite the continuing rejection of the good news by Jews in the Diaspora, therefore, Gentile believers understood that God had proven effectively faithful, that there was a realization of the promise to Abraham in the spirit-filled community among the Jewish followers of Christ, and that the Gentile church was not a replacement of Israel but rather an extension of it (see Acts 15:15-18).

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