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Equipping Counselors For Your Church

I’m working through this excellent book from Robert Kellemen, prayerfully contemplating how some of his principles can be applied in the context of the local church I serve. It is a tremendous resource that looks very promising. I found a site that hosts quite a few downloadable resources to be used for the implementation and/or training aspect of the program. Here are the highlights:

Buy an autographed copy of Equipping Counselors for Your Church on Sale at 35% Off

Enjoy the Book Video Trailer

Read a Free Sample Chapter

Read the Table of Contents and Discover a Dozen Ways You’ll Be Equipped

Enjoy Blog Tour OneBlog Tour TwoBlog Tour Three, and Blog Tour Four.

Download a 64-Page Equipping Teaching Resource(Class Syllabus, Discussion and Application Guide, Learning Objectives, and Teaching Outline)

Download the Appendix Table of Contents Listing the 17 Appendices in Equipping Counselors for Your Church

Download Appendix 1.1: Listing of the 24 Best-Practice Disciple-Making Champions

Download Appendix 2.1: Congregational SWORD Heart Exam and Learn How to Assess the Spiritual Health of Your Congregation

Download Seven Appendix Documents on Mission, Vision, Passion, and Commission:Appendix 3.1Appendix 3.2Appendix 3.3Appendix 4.1Appendix 4.2Appendix 4.3, and Appendix 4.4.

Download Appendix 5.1: Formal Congregational Vote.

Download Appendix 6.1: Biblical Counseling Information Packet for twenty-pages of resources on enlisting, selecting, interviewing, and recruiting biblical counselors in your church.

Download Appendix 7.1: Biblical Counseling Equipping Goals and Objectives.

Download Appendix 10.1 with documents for assessing trainees, and Appendix 10.2 with sample lesson objectives and outlines.

Download Appendix 11.1 which is the massive Biblical Counseling Ministry Policy and Procedure Manual–over 25 pages of forms, documents, and resources for overseeing your ministry.

Download Appendix 11.2 which provides sample ministry evaluation forms, and Appendix 12.1 which offers a sample Church Discipline Policy.

Download the 25-Page 4E Presentation Handout/Outline

Download 5 Robust PowerPoint Presentations Covering the Outline: 4E PP “Warm-Up Lap”4E PP Lap One: Envisioning4E PP Lap Two: Enlsiting4E PP Lap Three: Equipping4E PP Lap Four: Empowering

Download the 20-Page Equipping Counselors Class Syllabus

Download the 15-page Discussion and Application Guide

Download the 4E Learning Objectives

Download the 2-Page Biblical Counseling Ministry Welcome Form

Download two one-page forms for Authorizing Release of Information

Download the 4-Page Biblical Counseling Personal Information Form

Learn about Consulting for the 4E Ministry Training Strategy

Learn how you can host or attend a seminar on Equipping Counselors for Your Church

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