Russell Moore: “Don’t call it a pull-back…we’ve been here for years”

I’m pleased with the clarification that Russell Moore offers in a recent post ( that further explains his thoughts as they were represented in the Wall Street Journal article (here) that emphasized Moore ‘s advocacy of evangelical withdrawal from politics. As with many articles, the headline and emphasis was a bit skewed, apparently, based on further elaboration from Moore. Among the clarifications Moore offers, I found the following helpful:

That means modeling a Christian political engagement that doesn’t start or end with politics alone. It starts and ends with the gospel and the kingdom of God. Those who oppose our convictions will hate us. Those who want to use our church voting lists as their political organizing tools won’t understand us. So be it. Kingdom first.

Pullback? No. Unless, that is, we mean pulling back to the ministry of Jesus—who addressed everything, body and soul, public and private, political and personal, but who did so with the cross in his vision at every point. That’s what the church has done in every era.

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