Sidney Greidanus on 7 Ways to Preach Christ from the Old Testament

sidney greidanus preaching christ ecclesiastesSidney Greidanus suggests seven different ways of pointing to Christ from the Old Testament:
(1) Redemptive-historical progression: following the progression of redemptive history as it moves forward from the text’s historical setting to Jesus’ first or second coming;
(2) Promise-fulfillment: showing that the promise of a coming Messiah was fulfilled in Jesus’ arrival;
(3) Typology: moving from an Old Testament type prefiguring Jesus to the antitype, Jesus
(4) Analogy: noting the similarity between the teaching of the text and that of Jesus;
(5) Longitudinal themes: tracing a theme of the text through the Old Testament to Jesus in the New Testament;
(6) New Testament references: moving to New Testament quotations of or allusions to the
preaching text or to Jesus’ similar teachings; and
(7) Contrast: noting the contrast between the message of the text and that of Jesus.

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