Simple Faith or Super Faith? Credible Faith or Incredible Faith? What’s Necessary for Baptism?

Baptist churches often struggle in what amount of faith is adequate before one should be baptized. Some prefer super faith, while others may accept simple faith. Let each be persuaded in their own mind as they seek to honor the proper administration of the sacrament/ordinance.

I’ve generally preferred receiving believers into the water of baptism based on credible faith, which may be very simple. Simple is okay. Baptism should be the starting line for discipleship, not the finish line after proving beyond a shadow of a doubt (as if that were really possible) that one is truly saved. Baptism is a testimony of conversion, not a badge for several years worth of sanctification. John Piper says the following from a sermon (What Baptism Portrays):

Many of us came to faith and were baptized at a point when we did not know very much. This is good. It is expected that baptism happens early in the Christian walk when you do not know very much. So it is also expected that you will learn later more and more of what it means.
Don’t think, “Oh, I must go back and get baptized again. I didn’t know it had all this meaning.” No. No. That would mean you would be getting re-baptized with every new course you take in Biblical theology. Rather, rejoice that you expressed your simple faith in obedience to Jesus and now are learning more and more of what it all meant.

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