Some Ideas for Daily Bible Reading – and Singing


For those looking to begin a devotional reading plan, I recommend the ESV Daily Reading Bible, which takes you through three separate readings a day (OT, Psalms, NT) and through the whole Bible in a year. This daily Bible is set up like any normal Bible, unlike some daily reading Bibles that put all of the various texts together for each reading. The only inconvenience with the ESV setup is that you have to turn and track three separate sections in the text, hitch they help with by providing three ribbons.

You can opt to do one of the three readings each day (instead of all three) for family devotional reading, and go through the Bible once every three years with your family: OT in year one, Psalms in year two, NT in year three. You can mix it up and have each member read the OT portion on their own in the morning, read the Psalm selection together at dinner, and then the NT in the evening before bed. If you have a Psalter, you can just sing the Psalm in the evening as part of family worship. The ideas are endless!

The other pictured book is the trusty old Halley’s Bible Handbook. This will serve as a good companion. There are other wonderful Bible handbooks on the market as well that would suffice in providing a redacted resource for your reading. I still use the Halley’s as a resource because of its sentimental value (received as a gift from a mentor, Dr. Casey Davis).

There is no one right way to incorporate Bible reading into your daily schedule, but not having a plan is planning to fail – so pick something.

You may also switch and change plans every year for some variety in the daily regimen, but just keep reading. Nothing beats daily consumption of Scripture!

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