Spurgeon Wasn’t a Wesley Hater

Justin Taylor (via Spurgeon on Why You Should Read Wesley on the Christian Life – Justin Taylor.) has some great quotes from Spurgeon on Wesley that some might find surprisingly charitable. I once said in a sermon that Wesley’s view of the Christian life (while objecting to “Christian Perfection”) was more in line with Scripture than the errors in the rigid law/gospel camp, which protests against zeal for living in Godliness. Here’s one such quote where Spurgeon commends the piety of the Wesley brothers:

I am afraid that most of us are half asleep, and those that are a little awake have not begun to feel. It will be time for us to find fault with John and Charles Wesley, not when we discover their mistakes, but when we have cured our own. When we shall have more piety than they, more fire, more grace, more burning love, more intense unselfishness, then, and not till then, may we begin to find fault and criticize.

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