Staying Away from the Lord’s Supper is Dangerous Business

The venerable J.C. Ryle pleads with believers to come to the table, and if not fit to come to the table, to then “repent without delay”:

What are we doing ourselves? This, after all, is the point that concerns us. Do we stay away from the Lord’s Supper under a vague notion that there is no great necessity for receiving it? If we hold such an opinion, the sooner we give it up the better. A plain precept of God’s own Son is not to be trifled with in this way. Do we stay away from the Lord’s Supper because we are not fit to be communicants? If we do, let us thoroughly understand that we are not fit to die. Unfit for the Lord’s table, we are unfit for heaven, and unprepared for the judgment day, and not ready to meet God! Surely this is a most serious state of things. But the words before us are clear and explicit. Christ gives us a plain command. If we wilfully disobey it, we are in danger of ruining our souls. If we are not fit to obey it, we ought to repent without delay.

Ryle, J.C. (2010-06-13). The Gospel of Luke (Kindle Locations 6921-6926). Kindle Edition.

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