The Noble Savage, Communal Marriage, and the Need for Sacramental Sanction

communal marriage“I wish I had 6 dads and 9 moms,” said no child, ever. Communal marriage arrangements are on the way. Another slippery slope prediction on where “same love” will lead, if consistently applied. What is communal marriage? Merriam-Webster registers as follows:

:  a hypothetical primitive promiscuity in which all the women of a social group belonged to all the men in common —called also group marriage

This primitive promiscuity is preferred according to the idea of the “noble savage,” man and woman acting according to their raw impulse, unhindered by judgmental social constructs that force us to feel guilty about the raw desires within. The progressives know they’re on losing ground if they seek “equal” status for the base and crude, so they polish it up and call the bad good, infusing the base with virtue. If virtue won’t do, then brand it as a wonderful adventure for those who are open-minded enough to challenge conventional wisdom, a return to the pristine and primitive. Listen to how Kendra Holliday explains her new lifestyle (full article here):

We are really into and committed to each other, but we realize that people crave novelty and a wide array of experiences, so we don’t limit ourselves. For us, it’s unrealistic to expect one person to satisfy all of our physical and emotional needs.

I know my lifestyle might sound wild to others, but my circle of friends are so like-minded that I have to rack my brain to think of a monogamous couple. There are a lot of swingers and polyamorous folks in “conservative, Midwest” St. Louis. But that doesn’t mean everyone’s experience is like mine. I know some polyamorous people who spend most of their time sitting around playing video games—definitely not a pile of bodies every night. And often, polyamorous partners settle into routines: Some pair off together, others only pair with a specific partner. Like any “traditional” relationship, it just depends on the individuals in it.

Ultimately, I’m so glad I found this lifestyle, but I know it’s not right for everyone. I compare it to rock climbing or mountain biking. I have no interest in engaging in those daring athletic activities. But swinging? Not a big deal.

I bet that, in my lifetime, we’ll see a Grammys that celebrates communal orgies. Just like their recent communal marriage stunt, they won’t be content to sanction it as simply a secular progressive idea but will inject God into the whole stunt with a makeshift cathedral, choir, and preacher. They realize they need moral absolutes in order to judge everyone who disagrees with them. They’re open-minded relativists in practice, but ironically want divine sanction for their arrangement as well. Sort of like an argument for what they think a human right by appealing to God when it’s convenient for sacramental sanction. They don’t like “civil arrangement,” it must be marriage – or else. They will do this in the future communal orgy scene, smiling God and all. They won’t accept “communal arrangement,” but want communal marriage because such branding will appease their conscience. This is all a pseudo god made in their image. We’re called, however, to reflect his image.

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