The Real War on Women is a War on the Human Embryo

embryoMick Huckabee nailed it in a monologue last month on the supposed GOP war on women (via My Monologue From The Weekend Show – Mike Huckabee News – Opinion – Mike Huckabee):

If a mother chooses to be a mother and give birth, does that make her selfish? Stupid? Enslaved? It doesn’t help that some of the supposed rock stars of Republican consulting tell candidates not to even discuss issues like the sanctity of life, for fear of offending women voters. What those GOP geniuses fail to recognize is that just because THEY can’t defend the life position, it doesn’t mean that some of us can’t. The ridiculous claim that a pro-life position is a “war on women” is an insult to the millions of women who make extraordinary sacrifices for their children. For Democrats to reduce women to beggars for cheap government funded birth control is demeaning to the women I know who are far more complicated than their libido and the management of their reproductive system. Women I know also have brains and use them creatively and effectively to manage everything from a business to a household. Democrats pushing the “war on women” nonsense pretend that women are helpless and hopeless unless the government pays for abortion and birth control. Treating women as victims of their gender is outrageous and the opposite of a appropriate respect for women as equal in worth and value as men. It’s why I appreciate strong women like Serrin Foster, who heads an organization called Feminists for Life, or Marjorie Dannenfelser, the CEO of the Susan B. Anthony Fund. These are women who want no part of being miniaturized and marginalized as incapable of responsibility for their unique and noble abilities as women. They understand that real power for a woman is to give life, not to take it. The good news is that increasing numbers of younger women are decidedly pro-life. In part because believing that life has value from its origins is consistent with solid science; and in part because they recognize that devaluing any life is hardly the means to elevate women.

That last excerpt in bold (mine) really gets to the heart of the issue. The reason women have, dare I say, reproductive organs is for, well, reproduction — the giving of life. I’m not opposed to sexual enjoyment when reproductive capacities have ceased — or even when intentionally avoided through non-abortifacient means of birth control — so I’m not taking the traditional Catholic perspective of sexuality; however, I would commend the view that our reproductive organs are intended for reproduction as the normative function. That intercourse is enjoyable is also a gift from God; and a beautiful reflection of his wisdom and kind providence, that physical intimacy is the means whereby we give life. As gross as it is to imagine, all of us are the products of our parents enjoying themselves with one another in physically intimate love.

Reproductive rights is a fiction when the very rights espoused are aimed at the deliberate destruction of the life conceived through reproductive acts. To espouse some fundamental human right that says we can have reproduction minus the results of reproduction is a rebellion against natural law and the very life we sacrifice at the altar of “sex without consequences” — and above all it’s an act of rebellion against God and his providential gift of life. It’s like asking for the right to not pay your debt when you rack up a bill on the credit card, or the right to not pay your tuition when it doesn’t produce the job you desired, or the right to jump off a cliff but not hit the ground.  Enshrining death as a fundamental women’s right and to shame all dissenters with the moniker of “war on women” will last only so long before it literally eats itself to death. Such fictitious rights will only give birth to other so-called rights of the strong to plunder the weak and vulnerable. If women can terminate the human embryo, then why can’t the handsome German terminate the Jew?  To terminate little girl embryos in the name of women’s rights is nothing more than the strong realizing their own dreams on the backs of little fetuses that should have known better than to pop to life and inconvenience mom. The real war on women is being carried out by those who defend as inalienable this fiction of reproductive rights.

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