The Romney Bus in Fallon, NV and the Chinese Invasion in Bishop, CA

I enjoyed day #1 of the 2012 Hogaboam family vacation. We got out early at 5 a.m. and I loved getting 4-5 hours in during the cool of morning and empty highway – I happen to hate traffic, heat, constant AC and overheating engines. The kids slept and I cruised to NPR. Those first 5 hours were a piece of cake. I decided to cut through Fallon, NV as it’s slightly shorter than a couple other routes, but not the most scenic. We drove through town just as they were shutting down the streets for some local parade – boy was I glad we made it through. But, in saw a few Romney signs and then, lo and behold, the ginormous Romney campaign bus appeared. “Romney in Fallon?” I thought to myself in partial disbelief. I know Nevada is a battleground, but Fallon? Perhaps it was Ryan or a surrogate. Was I tempted to stop and find out? Nope. My ETA in Bishop was of up most importance to a man proud of sticking to the script of an itinerary. How did the ETA work out? Ahead of schedule – even too early to check in at the hotel. We were hungry. And what happens to come to the attention of our scent and site? Chinese Buffet – yep, even in Bishop. We walked in and I was curious if Chinese people even owned the joint. Guess what I saw upon entrance? A group of at least 50 Chinese people enjoying their food. I told Mimi that they were probably tourists, trying to solidify the desirability of Bishop as a wise choice to stay overnight. Anyhow, the buffet was okay according to my humble expectations – although I’m still peeved that the folks next to us wasted 5 pieces of sushi. Wasting sushi would almost be an unpardonable in my book – good thing I’m not the Lord. Oh yeah, my curiosity about the Romney bus interrupted my annoyance to wasted sushi and I looked online to find out what was up in Fallon. No Romney, no Ryan, not even a surrogate, but just a tour of the bus by campaign folks. Pretty clever indeed. Give the impression in small battleground cities that you ate indeed there, but it’s really just the bus. Now talk about an empty chair. Well, Bishop was nice – we toured the central park and the best Dutch bakery in America. We could have pushed on to California in one trip, but the break made the first leg enjoyable for the family and we created some good memories. What will the kids remember? Probably the Chinese food, skaters at the skate park, and the freezing cold outdoor hotel pool – but Bishop will ring a bell nonetheless. As for the Romney bus in Fallon? Ask them in a few years 😉

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