Thoughts on Mary Anne Warren, Developmental Capacities, Personhood, and Abortion

“I am, therefore I am” is not required creedal affirmation before ‘something’ magically becomes a person, as Mary Anne Warren would have it. A nothing becomes a something when, and only when, certain developmental capacities are established, posits Warren, thus negating personhood to anything that lacks these capacities.

Methinks that Warren lacks certain developmental capacities herself – she has outthought herself and subsequently become a fool (the sad destination for many a ‘philosopher’).

A person comes from two other persons, and is nothing other than a human person (I know this is shocking). A person bears the image of God – and is viable as far as God sees it. Does Warren (and others) have the capacity to love that which desires to be loved, which was given by God to be loved and nurtured? Yes, that little tiny human in the womb is dependent on the capacities of others to care and lovingly embrace him/her (and yes, even the gender is already determined at conception).

To murder the child for lack of capacities is a convenient way to abort what we all know happens when the baby is allowed to grow. To be the judge, jury, and executioner of a tiny baby for lack of your maturity shows yourself to actually be immature – not just immature, but selfish, evil, and murderous way beyond the capacities of the baby. Your refusal to love that which is given to be loved makes you less than human, not the baby. The baby is more human than the human who flinches not in destroying the nascent life.

© 2013, Rick Hogaboam. All rights reserved.

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