Your Best Life Now?

From N.T. Wright’s commentary on Luke:

If we have understood Luke’s story so far, with its strong hints of opposition from the Pharisees on the one hand and Herod on the other, it will come as no surprise that Jesus at once tells not just the Twelve but anyone who wants to follow him that there is a dark and dangerous time ahead. The world is being turned upside down, and anyone who wants to come through and be present when God’s kingdom appears will have to be prepared to be turned upside down and inside out with it. Despite what many well-meaning evangelists and preachers have said, Jesus didn’t come with the message that if we followed him we would have an easy life, with everything happening exactly as we would like it. Just the reverse. To save your life, you have to lose it. To avoid having ‘the son of man’ be ashamed of you, you have to acknowledge him.

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